About Jersey Shore Town Meeting, Inc.

   The first meeting of what is now Jersey Shore Town Meeting was held on January 9, 1962 in what was the Victoria Theartre, as an open meeting for the citizens of Jersey Shore.

   Three committees emerged from this meeting; Out of the 3, the Future Community Projects Committee planned the first July 4th Celebation.
It was a one-day affair primarily for the Jersey Shore Citizens, and held on the lawn of Dr. & Mrs. John Bone (At the corner of Locust and North Main Streets).

   All events were free, except for the food, the whole family could come and enjoy themselves. At first there was just a small group of townspeople to handle the details.

   On March 19, 1965, the Court of Common Pleas of Lycoming County granted Articles of Incorporation to what is known as Jersey Shore Town, Inc.

   The intital celebration has grown from a one day, to three, then to five and now encompasses the entire week with a week long carnival, a Grand Parade near the end of the week and a Gigantic Firework display to cap off the week.

What Jersey Shore Town Meeting, Inc. does for the Jersey Shore Community

 Jersey Shore Town Meeting, Inc. does more than just put on the annual July 4th carnival….JSTM is the July 4th Celebration.

From Queen Tiadaghton…to the huge fireworks display that finishes out the July 4th week….that is entirely JSTM and its volunteers.

Did you know that JSTM also provides the following to the community:

Every November…
JSTM hangs the ornaments which adorn the main streets of Jersey Shore.

JSTM pays for the electricity that lights those ornaments starting every Thanksgiving night and through the Christmas season.

JSTM sponsors the annual Christmas parade which brings Santa to town and makes sure the Santa house is setup and ready for use.

A lot of planning on the part of the JSTM volunteers…as well as financial resources go into these things every year… 

JSTM provides all these things to the community each year and without JSTM…it all ceases to exist.

Every bit helps…

Past Queen Tiadaghtons and Town Criers

The very first Town Crier was Bernard Gaines in 1965 and he carried on that role till 1967-68 when Mr. Gaines went off to fight in the Vietnam War and ultimately gave his life, dying in battle. His memory was preserved with a new Town Crier carrying on the tradition in 1968 and every year since.  The very first Queen Tiadaghton was Yvonne Bullock in 1968.  Every year since the Competition has been open to any female Junior, Senior or former Graduate of Jersey Shore Area School District under the age of 21. The new Queen being announced at the conclusion of the Grand Parade each 4th of July.

Year Crier Queen 1965 – 1967 Bernard Gaines
1968 – Rick Goodbrod Yvonne Bullock
1969 – Dennis Derr Barbara Clarke
1970 – Steven Bierly Jeannie Eck
1971 – Scott Laughhead Karen Cohick
1972 – Robert Maguire Crystal Frazier
1973 – Mark Sundberg Cindy Thompson
1974 – Dean Zerbe Lu Ann Bay
1975 – Craig Packard Dianne (Daneker) Stanzione
1976 – Taylor Camerer Sanrea Johnson
1977 – Gregory Delker Sue Lorson
1978 – Gregory Rhoads Kim Horn
1979 – William Boswell Kelly (Kemmerer) Watson
1980 – James Lovell Corrine (Snook) Paulhamus
1981 – Jeffrey Watson Virginia (Wagner) Mikkola
1982 – Kurt Eck Ann Potter
1983 – Paul Hammond Melodie Allison
1984 – James Simon Amy (Engle) Hines
1985 – Mark Dildine Debra Brentlinger
1986 – Richard Moyer Jill Seaman
1987 – Eric Shawn Doyle Lori (Young) Fravel
1988 – John Shaffer Linda (Dougherty) Phillips
1989 – Evan Jay Maihle Jennifer Meixel
1990 – Jason Stamm Sheila Willits
1991 – Corey Smith Jennifer (Laubach) Stover
1992 – Joshua Eck Heather Surfield
1993 – Marc Hawkins Michelle Cuff
1994 – Nathan LaVallee Rachelle Aungst
1995 – Jon Norman Ashley Rishel
1996 – Jason Hopple Nicole Danneker
1997 – Jeremy Bottorf Molly (Fink) Eisley
1998 – Jake Hartman Melissa Miller
1999 – Arnold Sundburg Nichole (Welshans) Warner
2000 – Dana Cohick Amber Lazorka
2001 – A. Embick Stephanie Jackson
2002 – Joe Moyer Kristen Lazorka
2003 – Jeremy Kieffer Alison Seasholtz
2004 – Eric Gephart Heidi (Welker) Roupp
2005 – Zachary Lengel Jocelyn Schickling
2006 – Nicholas Drammissi Larissa (Kryder) Whitney
2007 – Nathan Steinbacher Alexandra Feerrar
2008 – Seth Lengel Kelsey Clementoni
2009 – Jeremy Kesig Emily Weeland
2010 – Ben Copenhaver Emily Cook
2011 – Ryan Palski Sarah Eck
2012 – Cameron Hart Alyssa Fink
2013 – Spencer Ross Taylor Koch
2014 – Jason Poor Jena Griffin
2015 – Trey Fox Michala Alexander
2016 – Brandon Ranck Dyneshia Smith
2017 – Evan Fink Lyndsay Malicky
2018 – Evan Fink Isabella Hale
2019 –

How can you help make Jersey Shore Town Meeting, Inc successful?

Jersey Shore Town Meeting, Inc. only survives by the actions and commitment from its volunteers and financial sponsors.

JSTM meets each month on Tuesay at 6:30 PM in the social hall of Independent Hose Company No.1 located at 130 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Donate today to provide the financial support needed to keep all the JSTM events going each year!

You can donate to JSTM via PAYPAL by clicking the link below:

You can also mail your check to:
Jersey Shore Town Meeting Fundraising
PO Box 363
Jersey Shore, PA  17740

If you are interested in making a larger donation or are a business or company that wishes to make a corporate donation, please contact us at:
call (570) 974-5502  and leave a message

Jersey Shore Town Meeting, Inc.

Meeting Night:

Every 1st Tuesday at 6:30 PM
Independent Hose Company No. 1 – Social Hall
130 Pennsylvania Avenue
Jersey Shore, PA  17740

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